Blow-drying your hair is actually better than letting them dry naturally

Blow-drying your hair is actually better than letting them dry naturally

It’s to say the least when you’re talking abut hair and it’s undying problems. Going through those countless articles and tutorials, all of which have advised us to let our hair air dry as frequently as possible and avoid using heat to dry or style them; what if we told you that all of it is a farce?

What if using a hair dryer to dry your hair is way better than letting them air dry? Surprised? So were we! Apparently, a recent study states that air drying your hair damages them way more than using heat to do the same.

Swell and crack

Science says that, your hair takes a long time to dry naturally and within that time the water causes the cuticle to swell and crack. This revelation has caused quite a stir in the beauty industry because it challenges the golden rule preached by the industry.

So, what should you do? Stop air drying and switch to only dryers? Or stick to your regular routine?

Here are a few steps to help you successfully dry your hair without causing damage:

Towel dry

The first thing to do after you step out of the shower is towel dry your hair. To avoid damage and frizz, please DO NOT rub or ruffle your hair vigorously with the towel. Save your hair from brutality and instead gently scrunch or squeeze the moisture out. Try to get as much moisture out before moving on to the hair dryer.

DO NOT brush wet hair

Under no circumstances should you brush wet hair! Even if they’re partially dry, avoid this. Remember the golden rule, brushing wet hair leads to breakage and damage. If you really need to brush them while they’re wet then use a serum, leave-in conditioner or a drop of hair oil before brushing. Apply the serum to the mid length and tips of your hair and gently detangle them with your fingers before moving on to a hair brush. You could even use the blow dryer on the lowest setting before you brush them, this would avoid knots and tangles.

Take your time

Using direct heat on wet hair leads to irreversible damage. Do not use a higher heat setting on your blow dryer until your hair is almost dry. Use the lowest heat setting while moving from one section to the other. Dry your hair slowly and don’t try to increase the heat to speed up the process. Devote a little extra time to your hair care routine in order to get the beautiful mane you’re always lusting after. Good hair takes time. Period.

Style only when dry and use heat protection

Style your hair only after all the water has evaporated and they’re dry upon touching. When you style wet hair you not only cause damage to your texture but you also weaken your hair. It’s advisable never to style them with heat above 210 degrees and to always use a heat protectant spray before styling them.


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