Bollywood Outfits That We Always Wanted In Our Closet.

How many of you girls have wondered by watching a bollywood flick, that I NEED THIS DRESS! Well, there’s no question about it that we all follow our favorite bollywood star’s dressing sense.

Here are some Iconic Bollywood dresses which became a trend.

Remember this Gold and Purple sari? Please say that you always wanted to wear this sari!


Who remember Aiswariya’s Nimboda Nimboda dress? Not just the song but this amazing color of the dress became a trend.aish nimboodaThis “Teri Ore” sari. How many of you actually asked your tailor to make the same for you? If not a sari then definitely a Shalwar Kameez- Right?
article-201441083142711667000 This “Batameez Dil” sari left all the girls in an awe. Combination of Sequin and Georgette complimented Deepika’s figure just fine. article-l-20161316245959099000

Not the dress but the color combination became quite famous. That’s the way mahi way!!
onscreen_wedding_dresses_pic15Hey Pooo! Our very own Bebo and her slanted crop top(choli) in bole choriyaan was a must have in every teenagers wardrobe. Wasn’t it?

onscreen_wedding_dresses_pic16Rani brought this amazing trend of colorful patiyala shalwar and short shirt when Bunty & Bubly came out!

strand_of_silk_-_stylish_thoughts_-_10_iconic_bollywood_that_set_trends_-_rani_suit_bunty_and_babliNeela Dupatta Peela Suit- YES!! This was another famous color combination in 90’s.


I want the same Mastani dress- Said by almost every other girl. The amazing Golden dress and the grand set made it even more beautiful.

deepika-padukodne-in-bajirao-mastaniJootay do paisay lo – Some of our pakistani actresses also imitated the same look. White and Green was one of the famous combination after Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’s release.

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