Bond continues between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika!!!


(Q) How difficult was it for the both of you to work with each other, given your relationship in the past?

Deepika: It was not difficult at all. I think we are very fortunate, because given that we are very passionate about our work and given the equation that we have, there has never been any sort of awkwardness as we both know how to separate the two.

Ranbir: I have worked with almost every actress in film industry, but when I work with Deepika, there is a certain sense of respect I have where her work is concerned or her as a person or her journey. There is a sense of admiration and respect but no awkwardness. I think we both are ambitious and owe it to our work and understand the value we both bring to the movie. We are examples of breaking that stereotypical syndrome that people who have shared a relationship in the past cannot work together.


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