She booked an Uber and received filthy messages on Facebook

She booked an Uber and received filthy messages on Facebook
With peak prices already getting on everyone’s nerves after Chaand Raat, nothing could have been thought worse until today. How could we have forgotten the ‘very kind & loyal’ drivers of these taxi/cab services. There is no doubt that life has become extremely easy with their existence, but at the same time we come to see about unwanted incidents and this time…well, I must say that I didn’t expect this till now.
Sundas Yasir, who resides in Lahore, is a fashion designing final year student. Just like any other day, as she booked an UBER ride, what she received in return was completely unexpected. Sundas booked a ride and ‘Rizwan’ was the nearest Uber driver to her. Calling to get her location understood, she received an instant Facebook friend request, and believe it or not, it was none other than the driver himself.

Upon receiving the request, which Sundas said she got within 2 minutes of her ride booking, she cancelled the ride immediately. Not only that, but after receiving the request and cancelling the ride, Sundas got the most ridiculous messages in the Messenger.
Moreover, as Sundas discussed with FHM Pakistan, upon asking the driver why he sent her a friend request, he completely refused of any such activity and said that he didn’t send any request whatsoever.



Isn’t it Uber’s responsibility to actually hire educated and adequate drivers, and if that is not even possible than shouldn’t they actually train them – how to react and respond users, especially when its a girl. It is advised and requested to Uber and its authorities to take immediate and strict actions against these sort of drivers and hirings, since they are damaging an international company that has taken the time and investment for Pakistan.
“This has to stop. Uber should have educated and well mannered drivers,” said Sundas Yasir, and we couldn’t agree more!

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