Boxer Amir Khan’s rushes to Dubai police to report Cyber Attack

Boxer Amir Khan's rushes to Dubai police to report Cyber Attack

According to the international media, Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdom posted on her snapchat saying that the person was sending her messages from Amir’s phone.

She further said that she thought it was her husband but then it turned out that his phone has been taken over by cyber attackers.

However, Amir Khan rushed to Dubai police station after he realized his phone was hacked and reported about it right away.

The boxer took to twitter and warned people to avoid messages and calls from his number.


Amir Khan’s wife wrote: “My husbands phone has gotten hacked and there a lot of personal information on the phone.”

“So this sick person was messaging me from my husband’s phone while he was in meetings, pretending to be him and I thought it was my husband.”

“We are going to trace who’s behind this all, so that’s why I’m at the police station.”

“I’m OK and Amir’s OK, but we’re just going to find out who’s trying to do this, who’s got in through the phone and his Snapchat.”


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