Dear Beauty Brands, stop discriminating between fair and black tones!

Almost every one of us is aware of the fact that fair skin is brand’s priority to make their campaigns more attractive. Isn’t it disgusting that some brands hire fair skin models to showcase their products in a better way. But what about the people who have dark tone and also wish to see how the product will actually look on them.

Recently I came across a picture of a model Nikita Dragun, who did a shoot for the international makeup brand “Jeffree Star Cosmetic” for their new product Androgyny Eye shadow Palette. Have a look:

jeffree star cosmetics

But actually the model doesn’t look like this at all, in fact she has a fair complexion instead. When Jeffree Star (Owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics) shared this latest ad on social media, everyone started noticing how dark the model was in comparison to how she usually is.

Dear Beauty Brands, stop discriminating between fair and black tones!

Nikita Dragun shut the controversies saying:

“I’m half Mexican & half South East Asian and normally get extremely tan…let’s not trip over a spray tan.”

Jeffree then followed her lead by saying:

“People love reaching. It’s disgusting. Leave Nikita alone and sit down.”

The question that arrives in my mind is, if they want to use the beauty of dark skin, why can’t they hire people who actually have it. This is not limited to just Americans, our beloved Pakistani brands are also following their footsteps by hiring only fair complexion models for their campaigns and keeping up the trend of discriminating dark tone. A model is the one who can carry the look not the one who has only fair complexion.


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