Brands for men’s inner wear in Pakistan


The comfort that comes from well-made clothes is something everyone can appreciate. What is appreciated more than that but talked less about is comfortable innerwear. Something worn so close to the skin and as the first layer, comfort is paramount. 

Innerwear is helpful in preventing better hygiene and health. Of course, the first requirement would be for one’s innerwear to be washed and dried out well. Wearing innerwear helps absorb the sweat and also saves one from abrasion due to friction. It also reduces the chances of crotch rot if one wears clean underwear.

Given all this one of the more common fabrics used for this is cotton as it is a soft and breathable fabric. In Pakistan there are quite a few brands that produce innerwear locally. The known ones include:


A more traditional brand that has styles which are kind of oldschool. Their innerwear includes underwear and vests. The underwear section has boxers with spacious flair to them, with quite a lot of colour options that inclidechecks, stripes and patterns. Uniworth brand also have boxer shorts and briefs. The colour options are minimal with these two. Uniworth’s vests are simple white tanks or t-shirts.


A brand that is essentially about innerwear. Medeez has a range of options for men to choose from. This includes a variation in styles of underwear and vests. They have boxer briefs, boxer shorts, trunks and briefs. The colourshave the standards, black, white, grey and blue. With some of the underwears, there are colourful versions as well, even a bit of pattern work. Made from cotton to aid comfort. The vests are either the men’s tanks or t-shirts, with a simple colour range of white and black.


Charcoal has a limited selection of innerwear. This includes body warmers for the winter, these are similar to thermals. The colours these are available in are blue, green and maroon. Other than this the brand stocks vests, again the two kinds; men’s tanks and t-shirts, both in plain white.


Another brand catering specifically to innerwear is Trot. They stock boxer shorts and boxer briefs. The boxer shorts have a lot of variety as far as colours and patterns go, one can find floral patterns, geometric patterns, stripes, paisleys and more. The boxer briefs have a more limited range, they are either black, maroon or white. In the vest range, Trot has t-shirt style vests that are either white, navy blue or black.

Between these four brands, one can easily find something that suits their personal comfort and style as well. The prices are competitive, making them relatively more accessible.


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