Bridal beauty tips from Anushka Sharma

Planning your perfect wedding day beauty look can be daunting. But who better to look at for inspiration than the celebrities you admire?

Stay true to what you like best

Do you usually steer clear of eyeliner? Then skip it on your wedding day. Love a bright lip? Then maybe add it to your bridal look. It’s always a good idea to choose what you’re comfortable with and avoid any drastic choices. “I wanted her to look like herself on her wedding day, that was the aesthetic,” Sharma’s long-time makeup artist, who was also behind all her bridal looks. Puneet B Saini explained. “We wanted (the makeup) to enhance her natural beauty.”

Begin with a mood board

Could you sum up the look you’re after in a couple of words? That’s a good start. In Sharma’s case, “The idea was ‘pretty in pastels’,” her trusted hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou told. “Like an Indian fairy-tale princess, but with a little western influence. The beautiful pastel-colored flowers and the way they were placed really added to the look, in harmony with everything else.” Creating a virtual mood board, with visual representations of the colors and textures you’re interested in, will also help you narrow down on the right hair and makeup look.

Go easy on black eyeliner

It’s natural to want to load up on liner when you want your makeup to stand out. But if yours is a daytime wedding like Sharma’s, consider a softer, liner-less look. Alternatively, choose a taupe or chocolate-toned eyeliner, instead of a stark black one.

Classic hairstyles are the way to go

Anything too trendy or experimental is best avoided for wedding-day beauty—but this is especially true when it comes to hair. Choose something timeless, instead. “Anushka wanted to look simple and elegant at the same time,” Georgiou said

Balance is key

Just like it isn’t always advisable to pair a bold eye with a bold lip, you have to balance your makeup with your clothing. If your outfit is simple and monochromatic, a bright lip could be a good idea. If it’s a colorful riot, nude and neutral colors are safer picks.


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