Brining Back The Good Old Memories Of Our Childhood.

Remembering memories from childhood gives a cheerful nostalgia to anyone, be it a young or old it brings back the incidents, stories and folklores you love to cherish.In the spirit of remembrance, Peedia entertainment brings you ‘Umro Ayyar’, one of the most entertaining and loved fictional characters from the past.


“Introducing for the first time in Pakistan, the theater play alongside the performances will also entail live story telling by one of the prominent story tellers –Co-writer and Storyteller Unaizah Ali”

Storytelling is absolutely essential for a growing child in his adolescence till preteens to develop a child’s vocabulary, encourages emotional development and enhances listening skills. Story telling on digital mediums is a one-way communication, where children are literally spoon-fed in terms of what to think. The art of storytelling on the other hand is all about interaction and using the imagination for visualization.

The play will be bilingual, with focus on Urdu so it is easy for all children to understand and comprehend. The tales of Umro Ayyar is a collection of stories, but in this play events from different tales has been picked to create an hour long extensive play.

Saqib Sumeer , one of the most well-known and conventional yet diverse theater artists, is playing the protagonist – the Umro Ayyar in the performance alongside other artists in the supporting roles.


The master-mind behind the play is Shahzad Qureshi, written and directed by Saqib Sumeer, story-telling & co-writer Unaizah Ali, assistant director Moiz Burney and project head Daniah Naz, starting from 3rd March to 6th March 2016 at the Arts Council from 4 pm to 5 pm and 6 pm to 7 pm each day.

If you are a parent of a child between 4-12 and want to acquaint them with the fictional stories of
your time, and are also looking to live through those days from the past, order your tickets now!



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