Britney Spears Quitting Music To Do What?


Britney Spears is THE BABE! She has been ruling our hearts with the best of the best like, Oops! I did it again, Rumour and many other songs. Brit has been enjoying her career but now it seems like she is not leaning on the list of past hits to pay the bills these days and planning on quitting music.

She performed her latest single at the VMAs last month, leaving doubt about the continual of her career. In one her the recent statement she said, “Sometimes I’m like, ‘What am I doing? Like, I could be a teacher.” Well! So far she didn’t go into specifics of what she will be teaching but I assume her interest run towards music education.

But then Brit posted a video on her Snapchat teaching dance to little ones, with a caption reading, “Teaching these little ones dance brings me so much joy. It’s so refreshing being with children. You’re reminded of the UNKNOWN once again… let’s all keep learning.”

I thought she planned on teaching in some school but it seems like dancing is what Brit wants to teach. Whatever it is you will still be our babe <3



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