You can now judge someone from one’s sleeping position

You can now judge someone from one’s sleeping position

Always eager to judge people one way or the other, we have made certain standards through which we evaluate a person. In fact, we have rooted those perceptions so strong that we don’t bother to see out of the box. Mostly, we analyze a person’s qualities through his/her shoes, haircut, body gestures and the way he/she speaks…

Nothing can be more fascinating than judging a person when he is in front of you, but unaware that someone is judging him. It is said that eyes have a language of their own, likewise sleeping positions also have a language which depict the features of an individual while he is unconscious. We all sleep, and more interestingly, we all sleep in different positions. These sleeping positions will help you to see the characteristics of a person, which he can easily hide when he is awake.

1-Fetal position:

It is generally estimated that this is most common sleeping posture. In this position, knees are pulled upwards towards the chest.

Following are the features of these posture sleepers :


  1. They are too shy.
  2. They have good management skills.
  3. They think about things unnecessarily
  4. They are creative, too sensitive from inside.

2-Yearner position:

In this, the legs of sleepers are slightly bent, back is straight and arms are outstretched along the pillow.


These sleepers are:

  1. Friendly.
  2. Selfish and mostly dishonest.
  3. They are lazy and take time in making decisions but once they decide something, they will stick to it.

3-Soldier position:

Soldier sleepers, as its name suggest, sleep like a soldier. Straight, erect without any curve.

Soldier sleepers are

  1. Introvert.
  2. They don’t like controversies. Avoid Fuss.
  3. Have high standards.


4-Log position:

In this, the sleeper’s legs are straight and both the arms are down by the sides.

Log sleepers are:

  1. Social
  2. Trustworthy.
  3. They are innocent, naive.



Their hands and legs are outstretched like a star is in creation.


Starfish sleepers are:

  1. Cooperative
  2. Calm
  3. You can tell them anything, because they are good listeners and help you as much possible.
  4. Dislike being the center of attraction.

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