Can You Tell Who’s Doppelgänger She Is?


My mama always said that in this world every individual have almost seven lookalikes. Of course, I don’t buy this phenomenon at all but at times you got to believe when you see nature doing things, like seeing someone’s doppelgänger.

Notable doppelgängers in the recent past were of the Indian film stars which took over the internet but this is the coolest lookalike so far. Our very own Priyanka Chopra has a lookalike in Canada. Navpreet Banga – a Canada-based fitness vlogger who is blowing minds with her images and videos. Can you tell the difference?

Pc cee and nav

The news of doppelgänger Nav was received by Priyanka as well. I am sure she must have been stunned because this girl looks exactly like her and also talks like her. See for yourself everyone.

priyanka chopra Navpreet Banga

pee cee Doppelgänger nav

Who is whoo? OMG! nature is so kind and crazy. If Priyanka ever thinks of doing a double role in any movie Navpreet should be casted as her doppelgänger in movie as well, yayy!


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