Where is the Censor board of Pakistan?

As we can clearly see that how rapidly our industry is growing in movies. Say Masha’Allah!

Some good number of movies have been released since past 2 years, but only a few of them have pulled out some strong content that we saw but two major contrasts on Eid?

Has censor board been sleeping or is given enough money to stay quiet?

Because already our public is quiet frustrated due to circumstances of our country, no i’m not asking to live in misery. We know you guys want to make movies for the masses but is this the way to utilize cheap jokes and adult comedy? you aim to release it on Eid , are you serious?!

What are the heads and Chairmen doing? Why there are so many people assigned to a firm if it has so many people listed under? Read back the Main Functions that has to be followed mentioned



Hanish Qureshi

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