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This could be considered as an extremely sensitive and controversial topic for some people. its always been a face-off between the two. You can either be a Chai lover or a Coffee lover; there is no in between. Both beverages are highly demanded in the world, however, if your are Pakistani only then you will realise that Chai is not just a beverage, it’s an emotion!!!

Now living in a Chai loving nation as a coffee lover is a task with in, people refuse to comprehend let alone understand the fact that there are people who prefer coffee over chai! I said what I said and I am one of those “people”.

Let me just share some of the great comments you receive being a coffee lover.

  • “What? How can you not like Chai. Are you even Pakistani?”
  • “sorry! we don’t have coffee at home, no one drinks it at our place. Would you want something else?”
  • “Yaaar! try it! this is the best chai in town”

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