CHANEL releases new fragrance in 15 years: Gabrielle Chanel


The name explains everything, in fact, the displayed it with an aggressive passive tone. We love CHANEL – from the makeup and scents to the clothing.


We’re also equally fanatical with the lady behindhand the brand – the iconic Gabrielle Chanel. Trailblazing, courageous, passionate and rebellious, Gabrielle flew in the face of convention, at a time when women’s freedom was but a dream. She was, after all, the woman who gave us the little black dress and made it okay for women to wear trousers! Gabrielle was resolute in seeking fulfillment at all costs to win her freedom.

chanel new frgrance

People were privileged enough to attend the launch of GABRIELLE at the swanky MESH Club in Rose bank earlier this month and got exclusive insights behind the inspiration for the fragrance.

Related imageThe fragrance invokes the spirit of these remarkable women. It’s a fragrance for those who choose their own path. This is a fragrance that has a rebellious heart, meant for unique women with unshakeable confidence, resolutely ambitious and poised in her, which makes sense why Kirsten Stewart, a rebellion, and trailblazer in her own right, was chosen as the face for scent.

blankThe exquisite bottle design, which has four facets that represent the four various florals in the scent adds an Art Deco feel with its understated and elegant design. The flacon is made of fine the glass – quite a departure from your typical weighty glass flacon used by most luxury brands. Flanking between gold and silver, the matte lame color of the stopper is inspired by the Haute Couture fabrics preserved in the CHANEL Heritage department.


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