One of the most common features of examinations is the involvement of students in cheating. When students fail to prepare themselves well before an examination, they resort to cheating.

It is true that whenever rules are made, there are people who break them. An examination is a test where no one is allowed to consult the other and each question has to be answered by the child himself. Knowing the fact that this can’t be done, students cheat.

Cheating seems to delight the students but he ignores the fact that he is simply cheating his own conscience. He may go ahead and cheat but at some point of time it definitely haunts him.

Students while away their time throughout the year and then become desperate when the examination approaches. Cheating is a short-cut to success.
However, in cheating the teachers, the students may pass the examination but he will never learn what was actually taught and he will always remain behind his class in every way.It is interesting to see how students cheat. They plan the method for cheating. They write notes on slips of paper or scribble something on their palms or thighs. They stick notes into their socks and under their shirts.Some even write down full answers on pieces of paper. Some carry their answers to the toilet and leave the slips of paper there. In the course of the examination they go to the toilet and consult the sheets to locate the correct answers.
At Universities also cheating is a common practice. It is often accompanied by violence. Students carry pistols or knives with them and cheat openly. They scare the invigilator away by terrorizing him with the gun.There is mass copying at times and such cases are dealt with, very severely. Police protection is sometimes provided to the invigilators.Cheating greatly mars the sanctity of the examination. The exam is really a good means of evaluating one’s knowledge of all that is taught and it is in fact a good thing for students.This is something students realize later in their lives. But while they are still students, they continue to adopt such unfair means of passing the examination and bring a great deal of harm to their school and most of all to themselves.

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