Chewing gum can cure Coronavirus now!


Russia’s the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense has begun developing a drug against coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the form of chewing gum, local Russian media quoted a source close to the military department as saying.

According to the source, the work is being carried out by the 48th Central Research Institute. Previously, this military institute, together with the Gamaleya Research Center, participated in the creation of the Sputnik V COVID vaccine.

The director of the Central Research Institute, Colonel Sergei Borisevich, confirmed this information to RBC media network. “Yes, work in this direction is underway,” he told.

According to the source, the institute’s specialists are developing a mucosal vaccine against COVID-19 in the form of chewable tablets and pastilles.

“After testing, the drug will be included in various treatment and prevention regimens for coronavirus infection,” the source said.

Other scientific institutions in Russia are also developing various forms of drugs to combat coronavirus infection. So, in April 2021, the Institute of Immunology, which is part of the Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA), received a patent for a combined drug against coronavirus in the form of a nasal spray or liquid for inhalation.


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