Coke Studio, You Have Truly Won My Heart.


Being physically challenged is a curse itself, which most of the time tends to demotivate and make physically challenged people to be treated as pariah. For the first time I am out of words, Coke Studio has outdone itself so well that it is hard to figure out from where to start and where to end. Not everyone thinks about such people but Coke did, clearly  justifying their idea of sharing happiness.

Thinking about 9 million special people of Pakistan who are suffering from hearing impairment is the best thing ever, now they will never feel outcasted at all. That gleam in their eyes and ear to ear grin made me feel super proud to be a part of a system where Coke is operating and where Coke Studio has set up a trend to be pre-eminent by creating Coke Studio for the Deaf. 

In partnership with Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers, Coke Studio created an experience for the deaf by making them feel the rhythm of music through touch and sight. Music is a universal language and feeling which everyone should experience. This is a totally, insanely genius idea!

Coke Studio is evidently Sound of Nation now, I salute you for winning millions of hearts once again by initiating Coke Studio for the Deaf. Much congratulations, much respect!




FHM Pakistan

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