Colgate Tooth Defenders- the new superheroes in town!


All of us can agree that right from a young age, our parents have been extremely particular about our oral health. The tricks they had to play and the efforts they had to put in for us to brush our teeth are a clear example of that. Remember when they would stand with us above the bathroom sink with freshly squeezed toothpaste on our dinosaur toothbrushes and tell us to go ‘Eeeee’. Good times, right? At that age, our parents’ arch nemesis would be the cavities that could be found at the back of our mouth. We weren’t allowed to eat more than one candy at a time and especially not before bed. Unfortunately, cavities and terrible oral health continue to be a concern for parents to this day who try their best to inculcate the importance of good teeth to their little ones.

We got reminded of this while watching the new animated film the ‘Colgate Tooth Defenders’. The series features Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell, two dentists and oral health experts of the Tooth City. The two of them guide and mentor the Tooth Defenders so they can fight the evil Don Cavity. He is the antagonist of the series who wants to give cavities to all the kids in Tooth City.

Through the series, the kids will be able to learn important things that need to be remembered to ensure their oral hygiene. These important points include our breath stays fresh when we take care of our oral health and keep our teeth clean. We are told about using the right quantity of toothpaste and that we should throw out our old toothbrushes after every three months. Weshould brush our teeth twice a day and brush for a total of two minutes.

When Don Cavity threatens to attack Tooth City, the Tooth Defenders suit up and get ready to fight him. Their weapons of choice are tooth brushes, toothpaste tubes and floss. At the end of the day, Don Cavity is defeated by the Tooth Defenders who save the day by ensuring that everyone is using their own weapons to fight the crimes of bad oral hygiene and cavity filled teeth.

The animated series is the perfect way to teach kids about the health of our teeth. It manages to get their attention through visual medium which is something they respond well to besides anything else. We know at least one kid around us who has been a victim of cavity and tooth decay. If such creative and interesting ways were used to teach kids about healthy teeth, more kids would have better oral health.

Hygiene habits needs to be developed early on in during childhood and what better way is there for kids to learn it all through visual media that also becomes a way of having fun for them. Besides, it’s a genius way to tell the story through the backdrop of superheroes and super villains. Kids love superheroes and it’s just a matter of time when Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell as well as the Tooth Defenders will become the kids’ favorite local heroes.



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