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Get paid to sleep! This company is offering Rs 1.5 million to professional sleepers

A China based dietary manufacturer has offered to pay a whooping salary of 100,000 yuan (nearly Rs. 1.5 million) per year to people who just want to sleep. In short, it is looking out for professional sleepers.

The job specifications provided for the position will fairly be simple. All the hired person will have to do is to adjust to the changing sleep patterns of the company’s employees. They will have to adopt the habits of employees working in night shifts and programmers too.

After they adjust to the sleeping patterns, the professional sleepers will have to provide a detailed and complete report on the quality of sleep, and give feedback and suggestions on ways to improve it.

Chinatopix, a leading Chinese website, has stated that the job does not prefer any specific qualifications or work experience. All it needs in the suitable candidate for the job is their love for sleep. This is why people belonging to any industry, profession and work background have been encouraged to apply.

As soon as you are done reading, book a ticket, hop on a plane and fly to China. Because who wouldn’t love to get paid for sleeping?


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