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‘Dark Phoenix’ final trailer, Sophie Turner unleashes her power

In the final trailer for Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey must learn to tame the massive telekinetic force inside her, or else risk destroying everyone she cares for.

Jean gets a visit from a mysterious expert Jessica Chastain who encourages her to explore her powers and be wary of the X-Men. We see her face off with a threatening Magneto Michael Fassbender, who doesn’t stand a chance.

Dark Phoenix stands to course-correct or perhaps totally override 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, which notoriously killed off half the main cast including Phoenix herself. But in 2019, your favourites dying on-screen is an almost fundamental part of going to the Movies . And with the X-Men time-line reset since Days of Future Past, no one is safe.

The last film currently planned in the X-Men series that began with 2011’s First Class – asks what happens when you underestimate that power?

Well to see that you have to watch Dark Phoenix, hitting theatres June 7.

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