Dear Boyfriends, Things You Do That Make Us Kinda Mad!

Boyfriends can be the sweetest people in the whole wide world… But they can also drive us crazy occasionally! Here are some annoying things boyfriends do that kinda make up a bit mad!

Boyfriends are so charming and caring but sometimes they do some foolish stuff that makes us turn into a mad women, which they have no clue of.

  1. Shocking us with big things a little too late

Just like how his friends had all of a sudden planned next week would be wonderful to go for a tour. Their excuse – that they forgot! Just stunning, guys!


  1. No texts or calls

Because that’s how they are. Then they give such stupid excuses like they didn’t see our call or text and that their phone died. But in any case, this coldness that they enjoy can be super irritating.


  1. The lies about other women

“She was just a friend”, “Of course I don’t check other girls out” and “I don’t talk to any other girl besides you”. Sure, of course. We blindly believe every single word you say…NOT.


  1. Falling asleep on us

There you were, waiting all day to talk to him, waiting for him to get free and his call. Five minutes into the conversation you hear him snoring away. If you’re feeling that tired, don’t call in the first place and sleep, okay? We’ll understand!


  1. Act as if not know how to do household stuff

Mainly, because he is lazy. “I have never washed my clothes or done the dishes”. Okay, good. But you’re an adult now and adulthood is a good time to start learning these things! We sure did.


  1. Criticizing on our clothes

Excited with a brand new dress (that you had been eyeing for a while) that you just couldn’t wait to show to your boyfriend? And he asked you, “What is that?” Well, dear boyfriend, practice next time onward.


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