Deepika finally reacts on being called Priyanka

Deepika Padukone, who made her Hollywood debut in XXX: The Xander’s Cage has often been mistakenly called Priyanka by the local journalists there as Priyanka did her debut with Quantico.

Previously, Deepika ignored all of it by not replying to those journalists. But recently, she opened up about being called Priyanka yet another time. The diva has termed the entire episode as “racist.” She says it’s ignorant of people to confuse two people with similar skin tones as same.

“To me, it’s racist and ignorant. And as a fellow Indian, you (the media) should also be not very happy about. I think just because people have similar skin tones, doesn’t mean they are same people. As people in a place of power that the media has, instead of creating a tabloid piece of out it, people should be educating them further,” Deepika stated.

Looks like Deepika got really hurt by being called Priyanka every single time. Deepika has her own identity and same is the case with Priyanka, its just stupid of these journalists who are unable to differentiate between the two actresses.


Yumna Tirmizi

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