Deepika Padukone caught dancing with a waiter in a lift

Deepika Padukone caught dancing with a waiter in a lift

Deepika Padukone recently appeared in Coca-Cola’s new TVC, in which we can see her entering a hotel with security guards. Once inside the lift, she is accompanied by a lone waiter, who soon after seeing Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone gets shocked and excited at the same time.

The lift gets stuck due to some technical fault and these two get trapped inside it. The waiter takes out Coca-Cola and shares it with Deepika, they then dance crazily on a track having the time of their life, but soon Deepika is saved out of the lift by the management. Before leaving, the waiter takes selfie with Deepika and when he later sees the picture, he gets disappointed and you should know the reason after watching this video.

The TVC is eye catching and enjoyable. Every single part of it is entertaining. Who wouldn’t want to get trapped inside the lift with Deepika Padukone? Coca Cola knows how to engage people with their brand, when stuck in an unexpected situation, this is how you can share a bond and have fun!


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