Do you have a fear of failure too?

Everyone has a fear of failing or being rejected. Sometimes this fear stems from past experiences and sometimes you’re too scared and out of your comfort zone which leads you to think you’ll fail. Everyone experiences this once in a while and the fear can be traumatizing, it will stop you from moving forward and sometimes because of this we miss great opportunities thrown our way.

Some of us have different kind of fears for eg fear of heights, speed, dark etc. Everyone experiences it differently and their fears change and develop over time, we all have moments of fear which clogs our thinking too.

We have listed 5 steps through which you can try to overcome your fears and thoughts.

  1. The first step is to accept it.

Imagine being afraid of heights or swimming. Until and unless you don’t accept your fear, it won’t go away. If you truly want to achieve bigger things in life then you need to be capable of accepting it. Your entire life hinges on it and it’s best to confess to yourself and admit it rather than avoiding and acting strong, denial will cause issues.

  1. The next step is to identify your fear.

Often at times it is not the water that might scare you but the fear of drowning in it. You have to be honest to yourself about it. Admitting is the key and you can’t get away with it. Look for those experiences in your life where you’ve been afraid and then take those opportunities to learn from them. Deal with those fears otherwise they will only magnify and cause great problems as life progresses. Try to realize what bothers you and causes fear.

  1. Feel it.

The greatest mistake people make is not feeling it, thinking they are strong and they don’t need to feel every fear. That is wrong, you need to analyze your fears and grow stronger, not tame or shy away from them. For eg you’re going for paragliding, you are afraid yes but to feel the fear while you’re at it will allow you to break through from it. Once you feel your fear the inner you will speak to you stating it was all in your head! It was all made up, it wasn’t as scary. You tend to maximize your fears overtime. Once you feel your fears you’ll be able to take the next step.

  1. Face it.

Often we have dreams which when we wake up from shakes us or fears us. We try to ignore them and run away from them, just like that we ignore problems we have in real life and little do we know it causes great trouble in future. Here positive thinking plays a great part, the more positively we think the better it gets. Self-confidence plays a vital role as well. If our confidence shatters or we feel the blues then life gets dull and fears over power us leaving us more vulnerable than ever.

  1. Practice it.

You need to think of the ways you could transform your fear in a skill and that requires practice. Once you master the art of it you’ll feel more in control and you’ll gain a lot satisfaction in the process as well.



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