Do you want to remove your Tan?

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Remove your Sun Burn

Hi Ladies! Do you like going to the  beach but scared of TAN? Don’t worry enjoy your time over there, because we have brought you a solution. When ever you go out apply sunscreen once you come back home Tomatto remedy at home.

1- Pick a juicy tomatto cut it in 2-pieces & apply it on your face, once the juice is absorbed re-apply leave it for half & hour & then wash it out only with Luke warm water.

2- Do not get upset if you find your skin un-even, actually red patches appear on your face on the areas where your skin got burned. This is a magic Trust me you will get back your beautiful skin.

Note: Pictures are taken from google & can be removed on copyrights issue.


Beauty visual about suntan. Model's face divided in two parts - tanned and blanc.


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