Does your brain sleep when you do?

As soon as we are able to curl up in bed by ourselves, we fix on a preferred sleep posture; crawling into bed and assuming the same position every night without much thought.
We assume that the brain is doing something while we are sleeping because we dream. But is dreaming all that is going on up there? Are dreams just random static coming out of our sleeping brains, or is our brain doing things behind our backs while we are sleeping?
When we are sleeping, our brain is extraordinarily active. As it turns out, much of that activity helps the brain to learn and remember. Sleeping is involved in the learning and memory process in several important ways. Here are some of them
• Sleeping helps people recover forgotten skills
• Sleeping selectively preserves emotional memories
• Sleeping helps to remember the sequence of events
Sleep has profound importance in our lives, such that we spend a considerable proportion of our time engaging in it. Sleep enables the body, including the brain.

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