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Emerging benefits of Carom seeds!

Spices and seeds from the Middle East are pure magic. The first time I discovered the healing properties of Carom seeds or Ajwain as we desi’s know it. I never went back to normal medication to heal my PCOS.

These little magical seeds are a blessing for those with hormonal issues.

Let’s talk about why you should incorporate them in your daily life.

  1. Great for hormonal activity. Carom seeds are an excellent source of healing during your periods or if you want to induce them. They not only make them more comfortable and ease the flow but also clear our digestive system of anything that disturbs it.
  2. They fight bacteria and fungi which is an amazing source of an anti-bacterial supplement your body needs.
  3. It helps lower blood pressure and improves cholesterol
  4. It taregts indigestion and relieves ulcers
  5. Has high anti-inflammatory properties.

Who knew something so common in our kitchen could have all these amazing benefits?

Carom seeds are definitely my go to so I can be pain free during my periods. What about you?

Until next time.

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