EOS causing SOS…

EOS, the lip balm beloved by the beautiful people.

Kim Kardashian apparently swears by it. Hillary Duff takes it “everywhere”, and Britney Spears is equally enamored.

But EOS, producers of the “trendy” balms that come in flavors such as vanilla mint, strawberry sorbet and summer fruit, have been accused of manufacturing products that can lead to cracked and bleeding lips as a result of allergic reactions.


A class action lawsuit has now been filed against the makers of the balm in California. He said that listed among the lip balm ingredients was Shea butter, which is derived from Shea nuts and designated by the FDA as a food allergen.

We were truly shocked that there was absolutely no warning anywhere to be found. This company thinks in this social media age they can skirt consumer protection laws.


FHM Pakistan

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