Even Indians agree that Pakistan Coke Studio is far better than Indian Coke Studio!

According to Indian website Scoop Whoop, they agree that Pakistan Coke Studio is far better than Indian Coke Studio. We all knew about it but its a good thing that the Indians realized it too.


Coke Studio as we all know is a popular version of India’s traditional music. While not a lot of them are in sync with what is real Indian folk music and what isn’t. Scoop whoop website itself said that Indian folk clearly reflects on what they’re served in MTV’s Coke Studio. The difference between the varieties of music which is being produced in Pakistan exceeds India by quite a lot.
That is because the music in Pakistan is so rich and the film industry India is in despondency which has given a fertile ground for the independent artists to experiment and flourish.
Bollywood industry is the main reason behind it because it has such a huge domination over the music market that the bands, musicians don’t get a fair chance to grow. Indian acts ultimately hold on to Bollywood music.

coke studio pak

Rohail hayat we know how he managed to put together Qawwals, Balochi folk, Abida and Rahat, the unexpected groupings like Lohar with Meesha. His firm faith in Pakistani folk music and upcoming artists has enhanced the beauty that actually refers to as Coke Studio. Season 9 of Coke Studio Pakistan is produced by Strings, its really hard to differentiate between strings and Rohail Hayatt since they both did so well.

Also Indian playback singer, Rekha Bhardwaj stated that Pakistan’s version of coke studio is a lot better than India’s version. She further said, “Their Coke Studio is way ahead of ours. They don’t kill their verses by sound and keep the essence of their songs alive. They bring their folk music and ghazals together and embellish it beautifully.”

Well we know exactly how talented singers we have in Pakistan. Frankly speaking i didn’t have any idea that Coke Studio India was there too, thanks to scoopwhoop for letting us know that Indian Coke Studio also exists.


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