Evergreen style statements for men!

Trends come and go all the time; we like few, we get glued to them and leave the unappealing ones behind. That’s how fast things are. Fashion trends are evolving all around the globe and so is our choice. However, everyone is happy to keep few trends that never get outdated. but sometimes keeping up with what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’ can be super difficult and annoying. Thankfully, some fashion trends never go out of style and stick around for years. So, if you’re one of those people who can’t keep up but still don’t want to be back in time, you don’t have to worry anymore about what’s the latest style or what’s the most ‘in’ colour at the moment.

Classic White Shirt

A classic white button-down shirt. This is one of the most highly rated pieces in the category of tops that never go out of fashion. It’s endlessly versatile and indestructible. You can pair it up with any jeans or trendy pants and it will give you an expensive and crisp look in a go.

Trench Coat

Next up in line is a trench coat. If there is anyone type of coat that doesn’t age, it’s the trench coat. A truly timeless piece that can be effortlessly top off your winter layers. The structure of this coat makes it a perfect fit for all body shapes and sizes.

Denim Jeans

Another mandatory fashion staple is a pair of blue medium washed denim jeans. What keeps this relevant in contemporary fashion is its all-rounder, it compliments almost all the colours. Whether you want to pair it with a dark-coloured shirt or a light-toned t-shirt. This pair of jeans will elevate your fashion game in a blink.


Most people while dressing up often ignore shoes. What many don’t realize is that when you enter a room, the first thing people notice is the shoes. A true vintage piece is a pair of classic black oxfords. Whether it’s an important presentation at work or your best man’s wedding, match these up with a suit and there you go, you will be outshining everyone in the room.

White Sneakers

Next up are plain white sneakers, pair them up with any type of shirt and jeans or wear them with shorts, white sneakers can be worn with anything, just make sure you are confident and leave the rest on those edgy white sneakers.


Hear me out here. Most men think those cool accessories like chains, bracelets and studs are in fashion. Let me give you a reality check, you guys are not members of the late 80’s biker club. Instead of finding the right bracelet, own a classic watch! A simple watch with a minimalistic dial is enough. Watches do not age and you Definitely don’t want to check the time on your phone again and again unless you are not interested in something you are doing.

Denim Jacket

Lastly, winter is all about layering up those woollen sweaters right, but that’s old fashioned, I mean if you want to dress up like your dad then it’s fine, go with it. But if you really want to stay relevant and rock almost every event, be it a concert or a date, a denim jacket is a perfect choice. It is simple has texture and is truly timeless. Match it up with a plain white t-shirt and jeans, here you go an effortless look that will bring out the rockstar in you.


Tbh, wear anything you want, just be confident and that’s the only thing you need.

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