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Everything is F*cked – A book about HOPE?

Mark Manson, the author of “Everything is F*cked” is a well-known self-help writer who gives us an insight on the true meaning of life through his social and philosophical analysis. He believes that hope is dependant on the fact that one must accept nihilism first and embrace the fact that our lives have no meaning. A self-help writer making such statements. Strange isn’t it? However, there is a little more depth to this.

 The first time I read the cover title for this book, I was a bit sceptical. Not going to lie, it immediately caught my attention as well. Hence, I decided to pick it up and read what this is all about!

1: There is no meaning in life: We attach importance to false beliefs and things that hold no value. We are meaningless and that is something we should be okay with.

2: Hope is built on nihilism: Real hope cannot be derived from lies!

3: The world is not as great as it seems: He wants to eradicate the idea of “False Positivity” and reminds people it’s OKAY to not be okay!

4: There are 3 Pillars of hope: The feeling of belonging to a community, sense of control and of course striving for something we believe is valuable.

5: Don’t try to make rapid changes: Getting rid of pain is not easy and we need to stop believing in lies and false hopes which make us feel like we are chasing something that will never truly be ours. Reality is tough but it must be embraced.

6: Re-arrange your values: Choose to become better, not richer!

Mark Manson states: “The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our character, and the quality of our character is determined by our relationship to our pain

With that, I will take my leave. Until next time.

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