Everything you need to know about getting rid of blackheads and preventing them.

Acne can be prevented if proper steps are taken. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fungal acne or bumps, bacterial acne, blackheads or whiteheads. Everything can be treated. Whiteheads occur due to oil and dead cells which are so hard to remove and they have to be extracted by a dermatologist, blackheads on the other hand blackheads are also extracted but they seemingly never stop coming back. But with right active ingredients one can slow the process or stop it overtime. If you use right active ingredients then you can improve the quality of your skin but that doesn’t mean you end up using nose strips or harsh scrubs.

People are confused and often ask what blackheads are?

They are basically enlarged pore where the hair follicle is trapped and clogged with dead skin cells and sebum. It happens when oil in the pores present gets oxidized from air exposure, this opens up comedone and turns it black. Dirt and makeup residue also has to be cleaned off otherwise it contributes to blackheads as well. They don’t harm you skin but they can be a breeding ground for scars, spots and acne. Another problem which occurs is that if your pores are clogged for way too long they can cause your pore to be permanently dilated.

Warm humid weather also adds to the acne and high levels of pollution also causes this issue. Gentle exfoliation is great but don’t opt for something that will quickly bring results, remember it will be harmful in the long run.

The scrubbing myth:

It is a big myth that clogged pores and dead skin cells can be fixed through scrubs. No, this won’t happen. You can get rid of blackheads but with overly and harshly scrubbing would result in damaging skin which would cause overproduction of sebum. Opt for a gentle exfoliator and oil-free hydration instead. Use a toner with a gentle retinol or glycolic acid as it keeps your blackheads from coming back. It targets excess oil secretion and clogging of dead skin cells. It makes the skin baby soft. You should always avoid products that contains silicones as they further clog the pores.

If your skin is prone to get blackheads then invest in a niacinamide, retional, PHA and hyaluronic acid. Wash your face with gentle cleansers that contain either PHA or lactic acid. Double cleanse with micellar water and incorporate light weight sunscreen in your daily routine. If you work out or sweat a lot try to have a pH balanced cleanser and use it at-least twice.  Pro tip: when you exfoliate don’t expose your skin to the atmosphere right after it.


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