Farhan Saeed calls out Salim Merchant for copying his track, ‘Roiyaan’


Happened about today, the popular Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed accused Salim Merchant of plagiarizing his song ‘Roiyaan’ on Twitter and the situation here looks damn fierce!

Roiyaan was released in 2014 composed by Farhan Saeed whereas according to Farhan Saeed’s tweet it shows that Salim Merchants released track, ‘Hareya’ is a total copy of it. Seems like Farhan Saeed is bursting out on fire and further adds in his statement with criticism for their audacity to copy the entire song.

To this accusation, Salim also replied as a comeback and covered up the whole scenario by naming this act of plagiarism a so-called ‘coincidence’. According to this, its a fact to wonder about that how can the song be like a dupe for the one first released even the name rhymes? Funny isn’t it.

Here are the recent tweets and the conversations between both the singers that have lit up Twitter lately!

Salim Merchants further replies with an excuse

The argument seems interesting and pretty serious when Farhan too replied with a;

To listen to the songs open the videos below:


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