Farhan Saeed and Richie Rich: A Perfect Combination for Global Music Industry

Farhan Saeed has big surprises for his fans!


Farhan Saeed has big surprises for his fans!
Farhan Saeed has big surprises for his fans!

Farhan Saeed, the former Jal star, has been talk of the town with his Udaari’s drool-worthy look and awe-inspiring acting. Due to his style and unbeatable voice, the singer-cum-actor has managed to grab the fans, especially ladies, from across the borders too.

Owing to his charming persona and unprecedented talent, Farhan Saeed has managed to impress us all again with his project in Bollywood, this time. The Pi Jaon Star has partnered with the famed Mumbai based film-maker Mohit Suri and the hardcore London-based producer Richie Rich. The partnership aims to produce world class music.

The songs are supposedly in the production phase and the studio recording is under way. Not to forget that, the collaboration doesn’t depend on any movies for promotion and solo soundtracks are being produced. Saeed has hinted in various interviews that the tracks have nothing to do with the mainstream Bollywood music and the partnership is going to be a breath of fresh air for the vocals industry. Video production for the songs is also in pipeline.

Farhan doesn’t mind if Bollywood films want to use the tracks later on. Tu Thori Dair, a product of the partnership, has already been done and dusted. Farhan Saeed has even lent the song already to an upcoming flick Half Girlfriend.

Farhan Saeed with his new project with Indian and London music producers has definitely excited us. Way to go Farhan! Keep making us proud.


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