Farhan Saeed’s latest single ‘Dil Hua Panchi’ will surely heal your soul

Farhan Saeed spotted on the set of Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Farhan Saeed, who has lately been juggling the hats of singer, actor and husband to the popular Urwa Hocane has once again managed to wow us.

Farhan has recently released his latest track ‘Dil Hua Panchi.’ The song with its sweet melody is a typical Farhan Saeed track, romantic, captivating and oh so beautiful. Farhan’s vocals flow effortlessly throughout the song, giving it a very fresh yet romantic vibe that’ll make people fall in love with the song.

The lyrics are meaningful yet very simple and will click with those in love instantly.

Directed by Asim Farooki, composed and produced by Adrian David Emmanuel, Farhan’s latest Dil Hua Panchi is a beautiful love ballad, talking about how simple love is.


Fareeha Imdad

Assistant Editor/ Columnist, Existentialist, Shopaholic, Feminist killjoy, fareehaimdad9@gmail.com

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