Fashion industry leads online businesses in Pakistan

By Abrar Hamza :
Fashion industry in Pakistan has been thriving on social media as Socialbakers, world’s prominent social media monitoring institute revealed fashion has become country’s fastest growing industry on face book (FB).

Pakistan’s most socially interactive media, FB with above 17 million users is the main source to gather latest Pakistan’s online trend, so Socialbakers’ latest industry report for February 2015 suggested Pakistani nation has been become fashion obsessed as fashion industry was leading fans following on face book followed by beauty, electronics, e-commerce and telecom sectors. By end of February 2015, fashion industry attracted 28.106 million fans on FB while beauty, electronics, e-commerce and telecom industry lay correspondingly order in top 5 list with 20.092 million, 17.042 million, 16.648 million and 15.586 million fans count respectively. According to Research Associate at Centre for Public Policy and Governance FC College, Hajra Zafar fashion design, fashion shows and trendy clothes are gaining popularity among youth.

The fashion and apparel industry in Pakistan is experiencing accelerated growth and youth appear to be guiding force behind it. Talented designers with innovative ideas and internationally competitive designs are projecting cultural heritage of Pakistan. They are targeting youth and catering to their demands, she added. Contribution in fastest growing industry on FB is being witnessed by young fashion female designers contributing actively in families’ livelihood by selling local brands in foreign countries through FB pages.

Nazo Mughal a local Hyderabad based lady created her own FB page-A&N collections a year ago where she was selling al local and international famous fashion designers dresses’ replicas to foreign settled native women by which she was earning ample amount. She said though such business model was not an easy tasking as it was a lengthy procedure which included order, buying, stitching, packing and shipping to other countries but it was a dignified way to be an entrepreneur for any lady considering Pakistani male dominated society.



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