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Our favorite childhood cartoon ‘DuckTales’ is finally coming back

Do you remember your childhood days of Duck Tales, with the adorable Scrooge McDuck travelling the world, one adventure at a time? Well guess what? It’s time to put a little woo-ooo in the morning as the first trailer for the upcoming DuckTales reboot has landed. Even though the trailer does not reveal that much and is of just 15 seconds but it’s does hit nostalgia.

Based on the beloved 1987 Walt Disney series and the character creations of Disney Legend Carl Banks, DuckTales will once again pick up on the adventures of rich mallard Scrooge Mc Duck, his nephew Donald, and Scrooge’s trouble-making grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie; all of whom deserve applause because they have not aged a day.

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