Fawad Khan Certifies Lux with a Secret Woman!


Lux only just disclosed its new TVC teaser including Fawad Khan with a charming secret lady, truly teasing the group of viewers. We see Fawad Khan with a lady clad in a peachy dress with truly decent hair, dancing and moving around the performing artist; however we can’t see her face!

Now this is mysterious. Is it Mahira Khan once more? Or someone else, well it has not been revealed yet! The on-screen character show us her back as well as is moving openly, however her face is simply not noticeable in the teaser.




Numerous additionally trust that the secret woman could be Ayeza Khan while others say it could be Maya Ali as well! I for one moment thought it could be Ayesha Omar as well! We truly are confused and curious than ever.

Apart from the secretive lady, the jaw dropping Fawad Khan looks simply impeccable; with his beard look!

Indeed, Lux genuinely has figured out how to satisfy the whole purpose behind a ‘teaser business’! We are badly enduring to find out  who the secret lady is. Well, time will tell!

Stay tuned to FHM for more updates!


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