Jealousy Alert Ladies! Fawad Khan is literally ‘GUSHING’ over his wife

Jealousy Alert Ladies! Fawad Khan is literally 'GUSHING' over his wife

Fawad Khan’s extreme romanticism steals our hearts and breaths whenever he comes on-screen. But, little did we know that our prince charming is as romantic as he can be when it comes to his real married life. Unfortunately ladies, while you can only fantasize about a hubby like Fawad, Sadaf has all she could ever wish for. Or this could be the other way around too! Because Mr. Khan’s recent interview tells a completely different yet adorable story.

After the launch of Sadaf’s ‘Silk Brand’ Pret Collection, both the hubby and wifey gave an interview to Khaleej Times. This is when Fawad, for the very first time, showed his loving husband side and went all over the place with his love for Sadaf. Here is what he had to say:

“I wish I could be as creative as her when it comes to fashion, but that’s not the case. So I’ve resorted to being the sidekick in this operation,” Khan said while talking about what inspired him to join designing.

When commenting on their recent designing flick, he said:

“She’s the boss. I’m just an Igor in this equation.” He further said, “Sadaf has always had the passion for delving into the world of fashion and that’s what we followed while getting into this.”

Going on and on, Khan commented on his love for wife as:

“She’s the most genuine at heart, unpretentious and charming girl I’ve ever met aside from the fact that I was head over heels for the colour of her skin and curls. She keeps her hair straight now. I keep telling her I’d like to see the curls again.

“An intelligent sense of humour, which btw many don’t know about, and a smart dress sense with an amazing scent she wears all the time.

“I could keep going on gushing about her, but I fear I might just say too much and then be on guard for the flies I draw in.”

Oh man! How we wish we would have been at Sadaf’s place. The girl is lucky as hell. As for Fawad, we are seeing his lovey dovey side for the very first time.


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