Feroze Khan breaks the taboo and slams people on controversial comments

Feroze Khan breaks the taboo

Criticizing celebrities on social media platforms is not a new thing. They usually get negative comments on their lifestyle, appearance and on their personal life as well. Most of the people believe that a celebrity or a public figure has no personal life but this is absolutely not true, they have some priorities which they tend to hide. Their linkups and breakups is their private matter and we (people) have no right to comment without knowing any fact behind it.

The society we live in is not liberal (as it seems). People usually are hypocrites and most of the time they comment without any knowledge. That’s how most of us don’t support the hard work our artists put in and then we complain that why are they working or considering offers from India.

Few days back when an unknown person commented on Mahira Khan’s Instagram post, she replied and people supported her but the point is why don’t we show her the respect she deserved at the first place? You name any celebrity in Pakistan (apart from their fans) no one will say a good word about the hard work and time that they all have given to the industry.

Recently, the same incident happened with Feroze Khan when he shared his picture with Aisha Rao Khan on his Instagram account. People started slamming them for “being so close” and even name called them. Honestly, there was nothing bad in the picture because, we all go to cinemas for Bollywood or Hollywood movies; watch vulgar content, enjoy lewd remarks with our families and recommend others to watch those movies too. Don’t we?

– giggles. @aisharaokhanofficial #bucketlist #bestfriendsalready #abaajao #afghabarayetawan

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Feroze took to instagram and uploaded a video in which he inquired all those idiots who questioned his intentions and asked them to provide him with an answer to the raging questions, labeling them to be of bad characters.

Social media has definitely helped an idiot getting a voice ! ?? #nothereforhate #notsorry #chilling #FK

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This is simply unethical to call someone bad words because it clearly shows the upbringing and education level one has got. No one has the authority to slam anyone’s dignity and self-respect like this, and our nation has to accept the reality rather than being a hypocrite.


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