My fertility is certainly not your problem – Sarwat Gillani

Just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean I’m crippled - Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gillani is not just an esteemed actor but possessor of a blissful persona. The actress who tied the knot with Fahad Mirza is now pregnant again.

Sarwat Gillani received a lot of hate over some pictures that celebrated and acknowledged her pregnancy openly.

However, recently the star was questioned questioned about planning her family and that didn’t go down too well with her.

Taking to Facebook, Sarwat wrote, “Why is it anyone’s business to comment on how many children should I have?”

She went on to say, “Why is it anyone’s concern how late or soon should I have them and funnily enough why is it always men who have such lame concerns? My fertility is certainly not your problem nor an excuse to have a conversation or make a joke.”

“Don’t misunderstand my politeness for weakness! You all know who you are! Get a book on how to converse with a lady who already keeps you at a distance or next time you shall be tagged!” she added.

We wonder what really happened?


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