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Did Meray Pass Tum Ho really score a higher IMDB rating than Game of Thrones?

There’s no doubt that Meray Pass Tum Ho has taken Pakistani social media by storm.

But even the seemingly successful Ayeza Khan, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui starrer can’t hold a candle to the cult-like following of Game of Thrones.

The drama has also come under fire for its misogynistic writing inclined towards discrediting women courtesy of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar but clearly that discourse has been overshadowed by all the positive and viral marketing done for the show.

News started doing the rounds recently about how the Pakistani drama had a higher rating on IMDB, an online database for film and television, than GoT. Of course we had to investigate…and found out how that wasn’t really the full story.

Sure, when you Google MPTH, it shows an IMDB rating of 9.9 but when you click on it and the link takes you to the serial’s IMDB page, the rating is a modest 7.7. Another page for the same drama with a different spelling has a rating of 8.3. Not bad for IMDB standards but certainly not more than GoT which gets around 9.4 (bet they could’ve gotten more if it wasn’t for THAT atrocious final season).

Also, is it really even fair to compare the two ratings when 1,612,531 people have reviewed GoT whereas only 482 folks have rated MPTH?

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