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Coping with compulsive liars – A guide.

Pathological lying is a chronic behavioural issue of compulsive lying. It may stem from the need for acceptance, trauma or negligence. This category of people is somewhere between conscious liars and undergoing delusion. 

Identifying a pathological liar 

  • Their lies seem to have no clear benefit
  • The stories they tell are dramatic and complex
  • They portray themselves as a victim and seek sympathy 
  • Repeat their accomplishments to appear as the hero
  • They believe the lies they tell
  • People pleasers or attention seekers
  • Quick to respond but have vague answers
  • Lie due to low self esteem or personality disorder

Dealing with pathological liars

  • Don’t engage them
  • Remember it’s not about you
  • Don’t lose your temper
  • Expect denial
  • Be supportive 
  • Suggest medical help

The next time you come across someone as such, set your boundaries and do not fall for their facade. 

Until next time. 

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