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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s photographer gets candid about their ‘caring’ nature

Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most sought-after couples around the world, courtesy of their kind and thoughtful personalities.

And now, a royal photographer seems to giving an affirmation to that widely-held belief as he gets candid about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during an interview with Hello! Magazine.

Matt Porteous has been the official photographer for the couple since the past several years and has therefore spent ample time with the family of five in their most candid form.

Speaking about one of the shots from their Mother’s Day celebrations, where the pair is giving their two eldest children George and Charlotte piggyback rides, Porteous said: “It’s a very fun shot, very beautiful shot.”

“It’s showing family togetherness, happiness, it’s all coming out in that one image. It’s almost like a blurred image of running but it’s that togetherness, I think, that is why they chose that shot,” he added.

He further remarked that in spite of the royal status, the Cambridges are a “very beautiful family” and are extremely “thoughtful” and “caring.”

“I feel the pressure when I am on those shoots. The first time definitely, the second time… now it’s less pressure. But there is pressure in every job,” he said.

Currently the couple along with their three children is isolating while also doing all they can to help the United Kingdom fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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