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YouTuber Rahim Pardesi exposes claim of Froggy being punched as fake

Unless we live under a rock or something, we are all aware of the recent drama going on between self-acclaimed You Tube stars and celebrities

After days of being dragged by several YouTubers in their videos and Instagram stories, Sham said he was breaking his silence because of the attack on his wife Froggy in Karachi.

Sham Idrees on his visit to Karachi organized a meet and greet session for fans at Ocean Mall. The event ended in great chaos, when as per Sham and Froggy’s claim someone punched Froggy and fizzled out somewhere in the crowd.

After a series of events and confusion Rahim Pardesi aka Nasreen came out with his point of view. He initially made a video casting doubts on the alleged attack but condemning the incident if it had indeed happened.

But now, he came with proof to show that whatever Sham Idrees and Froggy were saying is untrue because the person they are accusing of attacking Froggy approached Rahim Pardesi and told him about everything that actually happened.

Well, let’s see if Sham or Froggy are going to respond to the situation or not!

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