No, you’re not the ‘Ugliest’ but the most ‘Beautiful’ Woman of this World!

No, you're not the 'Ugliest' but the most 'Beautiful' Woman of this World!

Lizzie Velasquez has easily been termed as the ugliest woman of the world, due to early-life deformities and the diseases that she had to go through. However, this not let down her determination, strength, courage and willpower. She rose above the ashes to prove her mettle and make her mark through her work, self-determination and steadfastness.

Here is Lizzie’s tale in her own words:

Face, height, figure, body shape and structure does not define beauty. What defines beauty is the baggage you carry inside of you. The person you are from inside and the power that beholds your aura. Lizzie might have been shattered into million pieces, when she was given the title of World’s Ugliest Woman, but she did not let this falter her courage and strength.

God made her the way she is, she might not be the society’s standard of beauty but her heart is the most beautiful of all out there. She has gone through memes, trolls, and has faced bullies, but in return she has become a motivation and a source of strength for all.

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As she says, no matter how much makeup you put up or how much magnificent you try to look. At the end of the day, when you lie down to sleep, you are the person who has stripped down all the layers of superficial beauty. You are what your heart is, and you are what you carry inside of you.

Lizzie, what made you strongest and ideal for us all is that even no one stand in order to fight off the bullies you name-called or labelled you; but you still let your heart own the real beauty.

I find no hindrance or shame in saying that there is no doubt that you are the most beautiful woman of this world.


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