This tribute to transgender mother by a normal daughter will leave you teary eyed

This tribute to transgender mother by a normal daughter will left you teary eyed

Transgender women or trans people are looked down upon in this society, especially in India and Pakistan. However, there are very few of these who manage to break all the stereotypes and excel in working for their rights. In the midst of this all, an adopted daughter has given a heartfelt tribute to her transgender mother, who works against all the odds to make her presence felt.

This adorable story of a transgender mother has left no eye dry. The fight for right, the fight for survival, the fight for their position has what made this woman a respect for all. We forgot that this third gender is created by Allah and he has himself given them the right to live, breathe and enjoy this life.

When everybody shuns them, these people become a barrier for themselves. When sex workers dump their babies, these ‘transgender’ give them a place to live, nurture, feel wanted, and loved.

This might just be a single story out of millions out there; but, it is a beacon of hope, a ray of progressive future that lies ahead. If one of them can rise to save a ‘normal’ human, then why can we not join hands to make them feel welcomed? Why are we still so narrow-minded and blind-eyed to their rights.

In the end, I will definitely salute this daughter, who has felt every emotion, turmoil and struggle that her mother had to go through. I wish every once of us has the capacity to be loud and clear about this matter.


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