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From Australia to Pakistan: These foreigners complete 6500km journey on bicycle
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From Australia to Pakistan: These foreigners complete 6500km journey on bicycle

In present days, people are showing great enthusiasm towards sports and their interest is also increasing day by day. Participation in recent sports activities has been groomed dramatically than ever before. This change has been reflected by the various approaches which were used to promote sports and other activities.

Similar mission and dedication was taken by few young sports loving guys who aimed to promote sports. Being sports geeks they always desired to do some exceptional work which may influence the youth to participate in sports activities.

Two foreigners from Australia recently cycled all the way from Australia to Pakistan which is roughly 6500 kilometres.

From invitations to dine at house of locals to traditional musical nights hosted for them. Pakistanis have been extremely hospital to them.

“Such an amazing experience! I can really recommend anybody in Europe to come and visit Pakistan. Media lies, this country is NOT full of terrorists. Make your own picture and stay amazed.”

They still have a long way to go ahead all the way to Australia. With so many memories collected from Pakistan.

Growing up Pakistani, you must have heard the saying ‘log kya sochte honge?’ When you take this saying into a broader perspective, as broad as going international, ever wondered what foreigners around the world actually think of Pakistan?

Images are based on histories, encounters and the ability of those represented to fight for an equal voice to represent themselves. Creating negative images of “the Other” is deeply problematic for the idea of human morality, as it implicitly rationalizes the condoning of violence against “the Other.”

I write from a country where people like you and I live with our families — loving grandparents, self-sacrificing parents with babies, innocent children and know-it-all teenagers. Where we search for tools of peace-building to heal our fractured but shared world.

Still think Pakistan is not safe?

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