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From France with love: This woman crosses rivers to marry a Pakistani
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From France with love: This woman crosses rivers to marry a Pakistani

LOVE knows no culture, no religion and has no boundaries. It understands no reason! 

While you might have read this sentimental phrase a lot of times, you may never have come across a situation where this reasoning has been proved. However, this woman from France literally manifests that people can travel all the way from one continent to another, in order to claim their love.

If you didn’t understand what I mean to say or are scratching your head over this notion, you really need to read this story!

A 55-year-old woman traveled all the way from France to Pakistan, to marry her ‘one and only’; a 29-year-old man from Khanpur.

Katherine Lovett became friends with Umair Ahmed on Facebook. However, this friendship blossomed into a full-fledged love within no time.

Katherine’s love knows no bounds as she converted to Islam, and changed her name to Ayesha. She flew all the way from France and got married with Umair on Thursday, 29-12-2016.

Katherine plans on taking Umair to France. But, there is a slight twist in this so-called happy story, Umair Ahmed is already married to someone else and Katherine is her second wife. While, we are not sure what’s cooking in the family as it is being speculated that his first wife is fine with the marriage, but Umair might have lost a point if he ditched his wife!

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